Via Terni, 2
  Receiving Goods
  Via Novati, 10
  20814 VAREDO (MB)
  Tel. 0362 590912 - Fax 0362 571135
  E-mail: gt.mipro.abrasive@miprosyn.com
Machines for continuos coating of adhesives having different bases on flexible media. Control system of the amount of adhesive applied, manual or fully electronic. Automatic control of the pressure whit use of load cells. Cleaning easier front.
Speed control with the same characteristics of the printer machine. Machines available also in accordance with the new ATEX regulations.
Vertical rewinding machines with controlled rewinding. Electronically it is possible to equip the machine with electronic control shooting and quantity of the product by making information available to the computer systems of historicization. Maximum rewinding speed 75 m/min.
rewinding machines
gluing machines
rewinding machines
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rewinding machines
rewinding machines
gluing machines

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